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TraySelector - Sets and Case Sets14th Oct 2021

With our new TraySelector Tool live on the Website now and being used for many a hobbyist's shopping experience, we wanted to show off some of the cool features this tool can do and help make the process of ordering your trays even more easy. In this week's tutorial we will tell you how to add whole tray sets and case sets to your bench and the benefits it brings to using the TraySelector tool.

After you have navigated to TraySelector and used the filters (as per the tutorial from last week) you can add a tray set directly to your bench. Simply click the button 'Add Trayset From List' to give you the option of all the sets for your army that you can add. Similarly you can add a CaseSet to your bench by clicking the 'Add Pre-Filled Case from List' Button. You can also edit you CaseSets directly from your basket by clicking the 'Edit TraySelector'.

The main benefit of adding TraySets and CaseSets to TraySelector is it gives you a starting point for which trays your own army collection needs. For example, you choose a TraySet with lots of room for infantry but you also need to store some vehicles too, you can simply remove a couple of trays and replace with one for your vehicles. This is much easier and quicker than adding all the trays for your army individually.

You can find our TraySelector here and on KR cases at here. Stay tuned for more TraySelector tips in the coming days and weeks!

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