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Navara Trays for Astra Miliatrum15th Apr 2021

The Astra Militarum is a very popular faction - those who want to express the trials of regular humans in the nightmare future. Their range of tanks and vehicles strike a grounded contrast to many of the fantastical vehicles and monsters of Warhammer 40,000.

For your ranks of unaugmented humans, we recommend the 25M4H tray for 25 Astra Militarum guard. This tray neatly sits with many of our following trays! Those of you who want Heavy Weapon teams, we can offer the NVIG20 for 8 Heavy Weapon teams, regardless of their chosen armament.

For the redoubtable vehicles, like the Hellhound, Chimera and iconic Leman Russ tanks, we offer the NVIG1P1, which has space for two of any of these tanks, with space for their turrets. And for the fast attack Sentinels, we offer the NVIG3P3 tray for 6 of them.

For the Hydra, Wyvern or Manticore, we have the NVIG6P6 which can hold 2 of these tanks due to their rather high weapon mounts. And for the Basilisks, we offer the NVIG9, which can hold 1 Basilisk and 2 Chimeras, or the NVIG8 which can hold 2 Basilisks.

The Baneblade tank and its variants can all find storage in our NVIG7, which has pluck sections to enable a various selection of sponson positions. Whilst we can also offer our NVIG11 for those of you bringing a Valkyrie to the battlefield, which also comes with space for 2 Leman Russes or Chimeras and 4 Heavy weapon teams or 2 Sentinels! You can fit two M4H trays on top of this tray to carry additional troops!

As you can see, we have a broad range of Astra Militarum trays, and will be able to provide storage for a great range of Astra Militarum army! No matter the size or variety of your force, we can certainly get them to the battlefield in safety!

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