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Today we add Firestorm games to our growing list of Premium stores. Navara now has some stores as Premium Stores which allow you to buy your trays and cases on Navara or KR Cases websites and collect at those stores.

This means that you can get free postage if you select them as a pick-up point.Read more...

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The full KR website, the largest range of Custom trays, Colour trays and much much more...

KR Multicase KR Multicase

With our new TraySelector Tool live on the Website now and being used by many hobbyists for their shopping experience, we wanted to show off some of the cool features this tool can do and help make the process of ordering your trays even more easy.

In the tutorial this week we will tell you how to change the type of your case in the TraySelector tool.

After you have added a case to your bench and if there is a different case in the same size as the one you have selected, for example there are 7 cases that hold 2 KRUs worth of trays; KRD, K2-B, BP22-B, AL2-S, AL2-B, DL2-S, DL2-B, you can choose to change the type.Read more...

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Buy Navara cases on EBAY and AMAZON too !

If you have an Amazon account and prefer to buy there, click here to get to our Amazon Store. Or if you have an ebay account and prefer to buy there, then click here to get to our ebay store.

Do you know that if you create a Navara login you will be able to see your orders, as well as create wish lists, and much more.

You can easily re-order previous products at the click of a button.

And if you have ordered from our Ebay or Amazon shops, then all your Navara Ebay and Navara Amazon store purchases will be in your account too.

Try the cases and trays from KR Cases too

Our sister site, KR Cases has an alternative range of cases and trays that will interest you too. On KR Cases you can choose from great range of cases and custom trays too, as well as picking different colour trays to match your army too!

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