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In slightly different news from normal, an article popped up in my feed about a new TV show that Channel 4 has commissioned about model railways.

The show called Little Trains and Big Names came from Pete Waterman's lifelong fascination in railways.

The show will apparently see Pete Waterman link up with Jools Holland, Eddie Izzard, James May and Francis Rossi in a four-part series where each guest will offer a new perspective on model railways, including helping Francis Rossi find inspiration for his first ever layout.

I have to commend the title choice as I am really looking forward to hear from each of them about their experiences, having been a fan of them and seeing each of them on the TV over the last 20 years.

It is also a hobby I have always wanted to learn more about, ever since seeing my neighbour show off his collection on Village Garden open day events and cheekily peering over the hedge any time I walked the country footpath by his garden.

If you are a model railway enthusiast or even very green to it all like me then make sure to check out our collection of trays and cases for your budding collection of models here: https://www.navaracases.com/trays

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The longest running wargames group in London, The South East London Wargames Group - SELWG - are proud to announce that they will be running their show again this year!

Running on the 15th of October, SELWG 2023 is sure to have plenty lined up for all attendees, and with this their third year at the venue, the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, they have all the room for it!

There will be demonstration games, events, tournaments, traders and much more at the show, so be sure to check it out! Tickets are available at £8 and £6 for e-tickets, and further details will be available at http://www.selwg.org/.

As with all the shows we attend you will also be able to order our fantastic range of KR trays and cases for pick up at SELWG. At checkout, select the Click&Collect from Show, and you will be able to select the show! Remember, if you want to pick up colour trays at the show, you will have to order them earlier to be made! And we look forward to seeing you at the show.

If you have a show or event you would like us to support or think we would be interested in attending, you can contact us via email with the details!

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