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Tips & Tricks for the best use of your Navara Figure Case and Trays

Filling a case

Combine full and half trays and varying half width trays for maximum capacity in a case. You can stack one side with 1/3 depth trays and next to it have 1/4 depth trays for maximum flexibility in getting the perfect trays for your collection. Use the Navara Figure Case Tray Printouts page for size comparisons to your figures.


Troop trays

The troop trays have many formats so that you can choose the ideal ones for your models no matter which base size you use, or which scale your models are.


Pick&pluck trays

The pick&pluck trays have removable sections so that you can create compartments to suit any models you have.


Custom cut trays

The custom cut trays have dedicated compartments cut to the shape of specific models. An ideal alternative to the pick&pluck trays.


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