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About the Navara Figure Case and Tray Company

Who are are Navara Figure Cases?

Navara is a sister company of KR Multicase and so shares much of the knowledge from KR for the manufactire and design of figure cases for miniatures and tabletopgaming.  You can see this in the innovative modular designs and the huge variation of custom trays available for your models. We carry out all design and testing in-house for our cases trays and accessories, and manufacture and sell only our own products. Our UK factory is set up serve our worldwide customers at minimum cost. Navara provides an excellent cost effective and high capacity tabletop wargaming transport and storage system.

The Navara Figure Case and Trays Product Ranges

The range of cases, trays, and wargaming accessories from Navara provide safe and durable storage and transport system for all wargaming miniatures, from the small skirmish games needing a case for maybe 5 or 10 figures up to armies needing cases for hundreds of figures, vehicles or cavalry.

The Navara case and tray system for storing and transporting your models is based on modular full size and half size trays in varying depths to suit your collection. The standard size Navara case can carry 200 28mm figures with ease, and you can swap trays in and out to suit your needs.

Our background

Whether you are a new gamer wanting to fund an ever increasing army and still carry and store your current one safely, or the more mature one whose better half wants those window sills and dining tables back, then Navara can provide a great solution for you.

Navara have an ever increasing range of custom cut trays for a wide range of figures and models, from Gamesworkshop, Forgeworld, Warmachine and Hordes, Bloodbowl, Wings of Glory and Subbuteo to name but a few. Simply use our search and filters to find all the trays and cases you need.

All manufacturers and their models are catered for with each having their own pages and pdf TrayGuides for specific armies. Check them out to create the prefect case for your army.

If you need more information, please ask.  You can call us or click here to get to the contact us page.


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